About Richard James of BettaFishKeeping.com​

Hi, I am Richard James, fishkeeper, husband, and father.  I have been keeping, breeding, and enjoying fish for over 30 years.

At this point in my fish-keeping career, I have pretty much done it all including working in my local fish store, breeding fish for fun, profit and competition as well as speaking at fish clubs around the country.

I am lucky enough to have a fish room at home, which is now on its third iteration, where I keep everything from guppies to goldfish and Oscars to Bettas. I am a fish fin-atic through and through.

A number of years ago my fish-keeping hobby found a new outlet, sharing my experience via the medium of the internet.  I now run or moderate a number of fish related websites including FishKeepingAnswers.com which is now one of the webs most visited fish related websites


Richard James
Richard James, BettaFishKeeper.com

I have been keeping Bettas for around 20 years.  Over that time I have lost count of the number that have passed through my fish room. I have kept Bettas alone in 10-gallon aquariums as well as part of a larger community aquarium tetras, catfish, and various other tank mates.

I currently keep a fair variety of different fish, and I have a passion for goldfish, Oscars, and of course Bettas.  In my fish room, I have tanks as small as 2.5 gallons (10 litres) and as large as 300 gallons (1135 litres) and many of the tanks are planted or aquascaped with rocks and wood.

At this point, there aren’t many aspects of the hobby I haven’t tried, but I am still a stranger to monster fish.  I hope to build a 2000 gallon (7,500 litres) plywood aquarium soon so I can keep some of the really big cichlids, catfish and other ‘monster’ fish.